Spiritual Healer, Medial Coach und Medium


My name is Riquina Rodrigues, born in 1976.

I am a spiritual healer, a medial coach and a medium.

I am a very positive person and enjoy my life to the fullest.


My work as an worldwide project manager for a big American IT company never hold me off to follow my spiritual way.


Since my childhood I am connected to the spiritual world, which is shown to me in different type of ways.  As a child I could easily empathize with persons and animals and recognize their feelings, thoughts and problems. I have trained and sensitized my natural given skills over the last few years. I sense every day more how important it is to focus on your own life, your own well-being  and on the "To Be".

Due to my job as a project manager I do know how stressful work life can be and as a consequence not being able to feel or sense yourself anymore, not having time for yourself nor your family and you even don´t notice how your priorities move to the wrong direction. You just feel overwhelmed as you need to complete your projects and tasks in a very short time, why not use your free time for it?


I am very happy to help people with my given abilities. Content to help people who are on their spiritual way, or help people who are working on their personal life topics and willing to chance their life positively.


With individual and personal selected heal method you will find again the right path of life - you will find the way to yourself. Together we will loose old and mental blockades, which prevent you in following your path, your positive way, happy and satisfied.

Learn to pull of your "backpack" from the past, which makes you working hard in your daily grind. Find your own centre again - find your own "To Be".


In order to be able to support and help people in a professional way it was very important to me to train my natural given skills. I attended several advanced educations and I am very blessed to include all of these skills into my spiritual work.

I am gladly to share all my advanced educations I have attended:


  • Spiritual healer skilled by Silvia Johannes in Germany (http://www.balance-concept.com/)
  • Akasha chronic reading&healing skilled by S.Stange und W. Künzel in Germany (http://www.kuesta.de)
  • Hypnosis sillked by Wolfgang Künzel in Germany (http://dolphinpower.eu/)
  • Spiritual medium skilled by Bettina Suvi Rode in Germany (http://www.jenseitskontakte-ruhrgebiet.de/)



warm regards,

Riquina Rodrigues