Medial Coaching/Life Counselling


I am very glad to offer medial coaching or life counselling for individual persons and companies.


Sometimes you ask yourself always the same type of questions or you have always the same feeling:

  • Is this everything what life is about?
  • Am I happy really happy with my life?
  • Am I following and doing things I love to do?
  • Do I live in an fulfilling relationship?
  • Is my job fulfilling myself?
  • I feel stressed and not understood....

There a so many type of questions which you always ask yourself and yet you don´t find the answers to it. We are simply caught in our daily grind, in our daily actions, in our life pattern, in our thoughts and we don´t know and don´t see what is required to fullfil life in harmony with your family, with your partner, with your friends, with your job and find the right work-life balance, or even with yourself. 


I am glad to help you to find the answer and the solution to your questions and feelings.

During our very individual and privat session we start our discovery journey, the journey to our soul facets and into the deepest subconsciousness. We will concentrate to the essential - which is your life, your happiness and your satisfaction.


In an professional and protected frame I offer you an wonderful experience of own reflection, inspiration, privat and professional development.

We will set the important course for your happiness, your relationship, your success or your work-life-balance. 



Individual persons

Duration of Session:  2-3 hour

Price:                           110 €/hour


Companies/Group (up to 3 - 5 persons)

Duration of Session: 3-5 hour

Price:                          based on request




warm regards,

Riquina Rodrigues