Spiritual House Cleaning


People like to say "my home is my castle", but sometimes it is not like this.


Reasons for that might be:

  • You are not feeling comfortable in your "castle" (house, apartment, office...)
  • You suffering of sleep disturbances?
  • You have the emotion to breathe something down on your neck?
  • You hear not comprehensible noises?
  • You smell not comprehensible smells?
  • You have the sensation that items disappear or get shift?
  • Mysterious things are happening?
  • You feel mental and emotional stressed out?

Everyone of us has his "castle", but indeed the way of your house, your apartment or your office can vary pretty much.

Depending in which "castle" we live/work, which lifestyle we have, which historial background exists, how it is build etc, can cause different type of energies or vibes.


Those type of energies or vibes can change in a negative manner, which humans are not aware of, but however they do sense the differences. Energetic disorders can negatively impact your health, your emotional feelings and your business.



I´m glad being able to help you with a spiritual house cleaning. I´ll take care of your rooms and adjust them into harmony, natural and positive vibes and energy - into a "trouble-free streem".


An spiritual house cleaning and a positive alignment is to bring back a great feeling.

A feeling of:

  • Security, happiness, silence and peace 
  • "arrived  home" 
  • Positive thoughts and energy
  • Productivity and insperation
  • Harmony within the family and colleagues


The cleaned rooms will become again to your oasis of power, your island to feel comfortable in, to your castle.

Success and happiness will come back at work.


Price:  The price is based of the size of your object and the required journey.



warm regards,

Riquina Rodrigues